Francesca Zacco

I live in Modica, Sicily. An enchanting isle.

I learned to appreciate and to promote its beauty.

I chose the best job in the world! I am close to people during one of the happiest days of couple’s lives. I think it is a privilege.

My job consists in the organization, the coordination and the supervision of the event, in order to prevent any accident and to focus on the priorities. That means that we realize their dreams.

I can design and arrange events that are genuinely infused with the couple personality.

What people say


Having you at my wedding was like relying on a friend but at the same time having a total pro.
I trusted you as soon as we met; we share similar tastes and attitudes. You were discreet but at the same time I know you were there.
You gave me the serenity of not thinking about anything, because you were taking care of it (and that is essential for a bride!).
I never felt the need of monitoring your precious work (me, that I a meticulous person!!).
I just can thank you for making me feel at home, even though I am not from this city. Everything was perfect, and I felt you deeply cared, not only about the details but also about us and our feelings.

From the first we met until our joyful day, I never doubted your professionalism.
Francesca has been the pillar of my day. She supported me, she encouraged me and she helped me through and through, and I did not had to think about anything.
She basically realized all I wanted.
Thanks Francesca.


If you think you are a difficult person to please, you are wrong. Swami Sicily wedding and Events can realize any request and it can also give you some ideas to fill that lack of thoughts that eventually comes over you. Francesca Zacco quickly recognized my personality and she chose a theme that absolutely fitted the way I am. Suddenly, my wedding planning took shape.
I really appreciate the sensitivity of Francesca, she never forced me with her ideas, quite the opposite. She tried to realize mine, and she guided me in making refined and elegant choices. Our wedding was perfect!
So, choose SWAMI!


Not only had I a professional beside me, but also, and above all, a helpful, kind and honest girl. I immediately get on very well with Francesca, she was like one good friend. She gives you advice, she respects you preferences, your style and your choices, she does not follow trends and fashion at any cost.
The outcome consists in harmony and cohesion between the event and its protagonists: she can realize whatever represents the newlyweds most..
I highly recommend her, for both the entire organization of your wedding or just some of the services you need.


Absolutely the best! Francesca is a smart girl, full of ideas and with a lot of contacts.
She solves last second problems (Believe me when I say last seconds). Super-efficient. Thanks to her, our wedding was excellent, perfect.
I highly recommend her.


An impeccable quality service, she supported us in each stage of preparation and during the entire event.
The result? All the guests have congratulated us a lot for the organization!
Francesca is a real pro, she accompanied us and she stood by us in the organization of our wedding. Energetic, competent, honest, meticulous and flexible.